Drone Swarm Project to Monitor Weather and Air Quality

By Mike Ball / 03 Sep 2021
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Plymouth Rock Technologies X1 drone

Plymouth Rock Technologies (PRT) has developed a number of custom drones for environmental consultants Survey-AR that will be used to develop a drone swarm test capability.

The autonomous drone swarm will be utilized as part of a project that aims to optimize the monitoring of weather and air quality in atmospheric boundary layer environments, particularly in urban and industrial areas. The drone swarm will collect sensor data and use AI to turn this data into actionable intelligence, and the project will provide critical feedback to further evolve drone swarming capabilities.

Carl Cagliarini, Chief Strategy Officer of PRT, commented: “Drone swarms are, in every sense, transformational technology. They can substitute humans in dangerous or hostile environments, from the front line of a warzone, through to the detection of commercial gases. In sufficient numbers, they can collect information from multiple locations and directions, integrating it to form insights not otherwise possible. That information can inform decision makers who cannot enter the environment nor capture information from multiple angles and perspectives.”

Dana Wheeler, President & CEO of PRT, said: “We are delighted to be selected to undertake this task. Drone swarming capabilities have been used in theme park light shows, where the drone intelligence is limited to a simple LED light and a set manoeuvre. This effort differs greatly by the fact that this is a drone swarm collecting and compiling data through a series of sensors and utilizing AI to turn the data collected into actionable intelligence.”

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