ROV Upgraded for Enhanced Reliability & Expandability

By Mike Ball / 27 Sep 2021
BlueROV2 Configurable ROV by Blue Robotics
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BlueROV2 Configurable ROV by Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics has upgraded its flagship underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) platform with a range of new improvements. The new revision of the BlueROV2, known as R3, improves the ROV’s reliability, expandability, and payload capacity.

The upgraded BlueROV2 includes the following improvements:

Improved battery cables – the design has switched from a single cable between the battery enclosure and electronics enclosure to two separate cables, one for positive and one for negative power. These cables are constructed with the new WetLink Penetrator, giving them proven reliability, and have more copper area than the original cable, running cooler and reducing power losses. The cables also now use 5.5mm bullet connectors internally, also improving efficiency and reliability.

Updated Power Sense module – this component now comes with 5.5mm bullet connectors to mate with the new battery cables and to carry power more efficiently.

Change to the 18-hole end cap – the 18-hole end cap has been an optional upgrade for the BlueROV2 for a while, but now comes standard on every ROV. It provides additional expandability and makes it easier to add upgrades such as the Heavy Configuration, Newton Gripper, and Ping360.

Upgrade to machined buoyancy foam – this foam has also been an optional upgrade, but is now included as standard. It offsets the additional weight of the 18-hole end cap, and also provides more expandability and payload capacity on the ROV. An additional two ballast weights are also included to offset the overall buoyancy increase.

Blue Robotics has updated the build instructions for the new BlueROV 2 revision, which can be found here.

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