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Application Note: Absolute Rotation Tracking for AHRS

By Mike Ball / 15 Apr 2021
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PNI Sensor TRAX2 AHRSPNI Sensor has released a new application note that outlines the mathematics and code needed to utilize the quaternion output from the company’s TRAX2 AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) module in order to produce the total rotation about all three axes. This will allow unmanned systems and robotics designers to track heading, pitch, and roll changes beyond common 360, +/-90, and +/-180 extremes.

Download the application note from PNI Sensor’s website

The application note covers:

  • Sensor body frame definitions for the TRAX2
  • PNI Sensor’s quaternion definitions
  • Absolute angle calculations
  • Sample implementation code

TRAX2 can be operated in two different modes, AHRS or digital compass, and is the only AHRS in its class that continuously corrects for gyro drift and provides absolute heading without any additional input such as GPS. To find out more about performing absolute rotation tracking with the TRAX2 module, download the application note from PNI Sensor’s website.

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