Drone Delivery Service Launched on Guam

By Mike Ball / 30 Jan 2021
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Valqari Drone Delivery Station

Valqari’s Drone Delivery Station technology is being deployed as part of a new UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)-based delivery service launching on the island of Guam. Valqari has partnered with local drone services provider Bella Wings Aviation to meet the need for efficient logistics and urgent deliveries of medicines and other supplies

Valqari’s automated smart drone delivery mailbox provides a secure and convenient landing space and delivery receptacle for aerial deliveries of traditional mail, packages, and parcel products. Drones can also pick up deliveries from the mailboxes. The new service aims to solve the problem of “last inch” deliveries in Guam, particularly in suppling remote and vulnerable populations.

Recent legislation has paved the way for drone companies to apply for industry-encouraging tax exemptions under the Guam Economic Development Authority’s ‘Qualifying Certificate’ program. This will be the launchpad for the drone industry to support Guam’s economy recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Walsh, CEO of Valqari, commented: “Valqari provides a safe and secure platform that enables the full secure chain of custody of drone-delivered pharmaceuticals, parcels, and packages. With any drone partner, we can efficiently deliver to any Guam customer – with or without formal street addresses – and at their convenience.”

“We believe the partnership with Bella Wings will revolutionize logistical convenience and emergency services on island and pave the way for deliveries across the US, Western Pacific, and globally.”

Charlie Hermosa, president of Bella Wings, said: “As we continue to recover from this longstanding health emergency and the economic crisis it has caused, our strategic partnership will serve as an inspiration for other companies to bring the latest technology to Guam. I can’t fathom a better place to test out Valqari’s Drone Landing Stations than right here in U.S. Guam. We need to ensure that everyone has access to life-saving deliveries, including food and medicine.”

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