Solder End Launch Straddle Mount & Thru-Hole Connectors Announced by Cinch Connectivity

By Sarah Simpson / 26 Jun 2020
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Johnson RF Coax ConnectorsCinch Connectivity Solutions have expanded the Johnson 2.4mm family of connectors by introducing Solder End Launch Straddle Mount and Thru- Hole Connectors. Recognized industry leaders in high performance End Launch connectors, the Johnson series now supports higher frequencies up to 50GHz.

The straddle mount solder end launch offers a board mount similar to the SMA and 2.92mm series and works with various board thicknesses of 0.042”, 0.062”, and 0.093”.

The thru-hole version has a leg length of 0.093” to support various PCB thicknesses with a single connector, and easier mounting/ fixturing for manufacturing assembly.

Applications for both connectors include:

  • Test and measurement systems
  • Network router and switches
  • Instrumentation test fixture equipment
  • Semiconductor ATE test boards

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ 2.4mm Solder End Launch Jack Straddle Mount and Thru-Hole Connectors offer a typical VSWR of 1.35 at 50 GHz.

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