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Gremsy Upgrades Lightweight Industrial UAS Camera Gimbal

By Mike Ball / 15 Apr 2020
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Gremsy S1V3 UAS gimbalGremsy has launched a new upgraded version of its lightweight S1 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) camera gimbal, which is designed for mapping, surveying and other industrial applications. The S1V3 has a payload capacity of up to 1.6 lbs and supports a wide range of leading camera models. Upgrades to the system include:

HDMI Hyper Quick Release functionality: enables easy push-and-twist connection and hot-swapping capability between Gremsy’s S1V3, T3V3 and T7 gimbals. This new feature is ideal for users who need to change payloads regularly on their drones. The quick-release mount and simple dismantling process provides significant time savings and added convenience for multi-mission operation.

20% increase in motor power: thanks to the new integrated 14.5V supply, the S1V3 features a motor power increase of 20% over the previous version. This power increase provides improved system stability in harsh environments. The S1V3 can also draw power directly from the drone’s batteries or from other external power supplies. The system can handle a range of voltage inputs from 15V to 52V, which are down-converted to a stable 14.5V by the internal circuitry for powering the gimbal and optional accessories.

Advanced I/O design: the S1V3 has been redesigned with a common hardware interface that includes Sbus, AUX, COM, HDMI, JR, power, CAN and USB ports. These are all located on the quick-release mechanism for easy, intuitive connection with external devices and third-party products.

± 345° pan rotation capability: when carrying out aerial missions, the gimbal needs as much freedom of movement as possible to facilitate ease of operations. The S1V3 features an increased pan rotation of ± 345°, helping users achieve optimal results for applications such as inspection or mapping missions.

Gremsy S1V3 camera gimbal on drone

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