Dual-Antenna SATCOM Solution for Government Agencies Demonstrated

By Mike Ball / 07 Jan 2020
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Milli SAT LM SATCOM terminal

Get SAT, a developer of satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals for airborne, ground, and maritime applications such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and USVs (unmanned surface vehicles), has announced that it has successfully demonstrated and deployed a unique Dual SAT terminal solution for U.S. government agencies.

The new solution, based around Get SAT’s lightweight micronized Milli SAT LM terminals, significantly reduces installation costs and efficiently manages communications-on-the-move. It makes use of Inmarsat’s worldwide Global Xpress Ka-band network, a mobile wideband service that provides reliable communications across land, air, and sea for assured mobile connectivity and interoperability with government satellite systems.

Dual SAT features a fully automated software switching system with no external components, providing an antenna diversity solution for mobility platforms where obstructions such as ship’s superstructures would cause blockage for a single antenna system. The system’s two terminals operate redundantly as a single system to ensure complete high-speed connectivity. When the primary antenna is blocked, the alternate antenna is switched seamlessly to provide services.

The solution leverages Get SAT’s highly efficient, fully-interlaced InterFLAT flat panel antenna technologies to enable fully autonomous operation for high bandwidth data rates. Transmitting and receiving signals on the same panel, these technologies provide a replacement for large and bulky alternatives consisting of multi-modem and control units.

Get SAT CEO Kfir Benjamin commented: “Get SAT’s Dual SAT solution proves that there is no obstacle that can hold back any SATCOM-on-the-move application. Our miniaturized package enables true, un-blocked, constant, crisp communications. Our solution drastically cuts back on installation time and costs while easily integrating with pre-existing on-board systems.”

Steve Gizinski, Chief Technology Officer, Inmarsat Government, stated: “Global Xpress has established itself as the de-facto solution for reliable, interoperable high-throughput communications across the government sector for mobile connectivity nearly anywhere. The Get SAT terminals, including the Dual SAT solution, are the lightest and most compact all-in-one ‘on-the-move’ solutions serving the Global Xpress network. We are proud to be part of a solution that delivers government users access to reliable, redundant, assured wideband capability on terminals that have been proven to operate in the world’s harshest environmental conditions.”

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