Multi-Axis Gimbal System Released for Counter-UAV Applications

By Mike Ball / 21 Oct 2019
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Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has announced the introduction of a new multi-axis gimbal system designed for military and defense applications such as counter-UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations. The next-generation SPS-1000 sensor positioning system (SPS) can be equipped with a variety of sensor payloads in order to detect, acquire and track targets of interest such as rogue drones and aircraft. The SPS-1000 is capable of operating even in harsh environments on airborne, land-based or maritime platforms.

The SPS-1000’s construction makes extended use of Military Commercial Off-the-Shelf (MILCOTS) components and is based around a modular design, with field-replaceable control electronics that use no external cables, as well as brushless direct-drive DC motors, absolute optical encoders, and gyro stabilization/slip ring and customer I/O interface options. It supports payloads up to 150 lbs in weight and features easy rapid reconfiguration for maximum flexibility.

Jeff Hassannia, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Technology, Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions, commented: “Cobham has a long history in developing multi-axis gimbal systems and a full range of high precision sensor positioning solutions. Our new SPS-1000 is designed with a goal to provide customers with a cost effective solution that can be delivered to the field in less time, with low cost of ownership. It is truly a hallmark of Cobham’s SPS Series of Precision Positioners and offers the industry’s best combination of performance, delivery and affordability.”

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