Advanced Navigation Releases Acoustic Positioning Transponder

Published: 28 Feb 2018

Subsonus Tag Acoustic Positioning TransponderAdvanced Navigation has released a new subsea acoustic positioning transponder, designed to provide a low cost, fully integrated positioning capability to users across a broad array of applications.

The Subsonus Tag is a low cost acoustic positioning transponder that operates with the Subsonus USBL. With an integrated battery and a revolutionary acoustic processing architecture, it can operate for up to 18 months on just one charge.

Subsonus Tag’s multi-track technology also allows up to 65,000 subsea tags to be tracked by one surface Subsonus unit. A pressure tolerant e-ink display built into the unit allows for fast identification of multiple units and their status.

The design of Subsonus Tag is fully hermetically sealed with no air cavities or connectors which provides unparalleled reliability and cost savings. Communication is via bluetooth and the unit is charged wirelessly using the same high speed Qi wireless charging found in smartphones.

The Subsonus Tag is suitable for a range of unmanned and autonomous applications, including:

  • Subsea asset tracking
  • Remote sensing
  • Underwater unmanned vehicle tracking (ROV, AUV, UUV)

Subsonus Tag Acoustic Positioning Transponder

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