FreeWave Unveils New Wireless IoT Communication Modules

By Mike Ball / 04 Feb 2017
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FreeWave logoFreeWave Technologies has announced the availability of the company’s new high-performance ZumLink Z9-C and Z9-T serial radio modules for OEM and embedded applications. The ZumLink Z9-C and Z9-T are ideally suited for unmanned systems and other industrial machinery that require highly reliable, high-speed data communications and networking.

“The ability to embed high-speed wireless communications into manned and unmanned systems for data transmission or command and control is critical for our customers,” said Phil Linker, senior product manager at FreeWave Technologies. “The small form factor and light payload of the ZumLink embedded serial radio modules increases the operational effectiveness of machinery being used in farming and irrigation, and unmanned aerial (UAS) and ground systems (UGS).”

The Z9-C and Z9-T deliver high-speed FHSS and DTS functionality operating in the 900MHz unlicensed frequency range in a radio module that is half the size of a credit card making it easy to embed and offering a light payload. The Z9-C and Z9-T solutions offer RS232 interfaces and TTL interfaces, respectively.

Additional features include:

  • Adaptive Spectrum Learning protocol
  • Throughput up to 2.2 Mbps at the 4 Mbps link rate
  • Multiple link rates, channel sizes and modulations
  • Frequency hopping and single channel
  • User channel masking
  • Core design allows rapid development
  • Built in spectrum analyzer
  • 20 percent lower power consumption than MM2-T 900 MHz OEM module
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