HGH Infrared Systems and DRG Develop Thermal Imaging ISR Platform

By Caroline Rees / 29 Jan 2015
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HGH Infrared Spynel-X

HGH Spynel-X Camera

DRG, Inc. and HGH Infrared Systems have announced the development of a “360 day/night” plug-in, SpyShare. By integrating the superior wide area coverage provided by HGH’s panoramic and automatic thermal detection system with DRG’s Ageon ISR C2/PED solution, the warfighter is gaining unparalleled insight into real-time operations.

Ageon ISR can now seamlessly display the intrinsically powerful panoramic images and detection capabilities that have made Spynel successful for the past 10 years. Multiple advanced features have been integrated into Ageon ISR’s solution to allow for optimal hardware control through the Common Operating Picture’s interface. In pushing the integration a step further, the combined solution eliminates the need for dual display and allows the operator to perform all required tasks through Ageon’s user-friendly interface.

Spynel can detect humans at up to 8km in total darkness, vehicles or small boats at up to 16km and all types of air targets, including UAVs, missiles or rockets. Spynel is highly successful at detecting and tracking traditional threats, as well as asymmetric and unconventional targets that radars typically have difficulty picking up, such as small and slow moving targets (walkers, swimmers, small wooden or rubber boats, etc.).

DRG’s technology solution readily broadens Spynel’s capabilities by supporting the collection, processing and dissemination of its 360 degree images and detection data across security domains, and builds upon Spynel’s forensic features to improve analysis, collaboration, understanding, mission execution and outcome.

“DRG and HGH share a philosophy of staying hyper-focused on the needs of the operator or analyst to ensure we deliver innovative capabilities that increase operational performance while reducing burden”, says Stephen St. Mary, Co-Founder of DRG. “Now more than ever funding for sensors, systems and manpower are demanding customers do more with less-that reality is a key driver as we work with partners like HGH to design, develop and deploy new technologies”.

This is not the first time the two Boston-based companies have successfully collaborated. The Ageon platform and Spynel were both deployed on the PGSS Program in Afghanistan, for Forward Operating Base Protection. Over the past four years, DRG and HGH’s team have built a deeper understanding of each other’s technology.“ We are excited to bring our already established partnership with DRG to the next level” says Vanessa Couturier, General Manager of HGH Infrared Systems. “Through their highly flexible platform, a complex integration was performed in a very short amount of time and in a very effective manner. The Ageon platform takes full advantage of Spynel’s panoramic imaging and tracking while enhancing our solution’s capabilities. ”

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