VT MAK to Demonstrate Simulation Technologies at I/ITSEC

By Caroline Rees / 03 Dec 2014
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VT MAKVT MÄK (MÄK), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), has announced that it will use its complete line of simulation software at I/ITSEC 2014 to demonstrate how state-of-the-art technology can enhance training environments.

Alongside its core product capabilities, MÄK is unveiling several demonstrations that show how customers can integrate MÄK Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products into training solutions.

MÄK provides the simulation technology and software architecture to build modern command staff training systems—regardless of echelon—to teach and practice planning, decision-making, and communication skills. Booth visitors will see:

  • A battalion-level simulation evaluating alternate courses of action;
  • Innovative simulations using intelligent human characters to train company commanders;
  • A low-overhead Joint Air Support Operation.

The company’s reinvented VR-Vantage IG (image generator) harnesses the power of the latest graphics card technology to render beautiful scenes. The IG is combined with four different host simulation engines to demonstrate high-performance first-person player stations. I/ITSEC demonstrations include:

  • A Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) demo;
  • A Forward Observer using binoculars;
  • A UAV sensor gimbal simulation;
  • An integration of VR-Vantage IG with the Oculus Rift.

For more than 20 years, MÄK has been committed to open standards and interoperability. Since the M&S community is now embracing web and mobile technologies, MÄK will present web technologies to help build interoperable, easily accessible, rapidly developed, and highly deployable training systems.

  • MÄK’s Training System Demonstrator combines lightweight web technologies with its complete line of simulation software to create a training system environment to suit both student and instructor training scenarios.
  • Innovative applications for Command Staff Training focus on open standards and interfaces, allowing integration into existing and future systems—both operational and simulated.
  • Web interfaces help instructors set up and run MÄK’s first person player stations.
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