Arcturus Integrates WGS Europa-S SIGINT System on T-20 UAV

By Caroline Rees / 04 Nov 2013
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Arcturus T-20 UAS

Arcturus T-20 UAS

The Europa-S Signal Intercept and Geolocation System, built by WGS Systems in Frederick, Maryland, has now been integrated and flown in an Arcturus UAV T-20 Tier II unmanned aerial vehicle.

The Europa-S Communication Intelligence and Direction Finding (COMINT/DF) system is capable of detecting, intercepting, direction finding (DF) and geo-locating signals of interest, adding significant Signal Collection capability to the T-20 UAV.

The unique aspects of the system are wide signal intercept frequency range, small operational footprint on the ground (1 or 2 full size pick-up trucks), quiet operation (the T-20 utilizes a modified 4-stroke engine), and the ability to interface with other payloads on the T-20, such as EO/IR and SAR.

Europa-S is mature at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of over TRL 8, utilizing system components fielded since 2010. The T-20 is a runway independent, Tier II class, small tactical unmanned aerial vehicle, TRL 9. The primary mission of the Arcturus UAV is intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, with typical missions including aerial mapping, drug interdiction, fire-fighting, border patrol, force protection, search and rescue, as well as military ISR.

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