DSEI 2013: ITT Corp Will Exhibit Innovative Solutions for Unmanned Systems

By Caroline Rees / 06 Sep 2013
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ITT CorporationITT Corporation will highlight the latest technology solutions aimed at solving complex defense safety challenges at DSEI Defense and Security Expo, a premier global defense event held in London Sept. 10-13.

ITT is showcasing the latest highly engineered and customized connector, vibration isolation and shock absorber products from its leading Cannon, Enidine and KONI brands. ITT’s Control Technologies, Interconnect Solutions and Motion Technologies businesses will be represented at the event, each exhibiting robust and innovative defense solutions with a focus on meeting evolving protection requirements.

“ITT has a long and storied history in the defense markets. Many of our global multi-industrial brands have roots within defense, and our family of businesses continues to provide critical technologies,” said Munish Nanda, president of ITT’s Control Technologies business. “Our legacy of innovation will be on display at DSEI with new technologies that are meeting the evolving needs of our defense clients with an emphasis on increased protection and reliability.”

At the DSEI defense and security event, ITT’s Interconnect Solutions business and its Cannon brand will provide a diverse range of connector solutions serving multiple applications within land, air, sea and unmanned system environments. New connector applications offer more integrated, architected solutions that are intelligently designed and engineered to enhance protection. Cannon’s Nemesis is a new series of connectors with smaller form factors and enhanced sealing technology offering maximum connectivity, durability and reliability, making it well-suited for soldier-wearable and unmanned vehicle applications.

“The market trends dictate connectors that are smaller, lighter and higher density,” said Neil Yeargin, president of ITT’s Interconnect Solutions business. “Our product portfolio of circular and rectangular connectors offers more flexibility and increased integration.” Another new addition is the Cannon MIL-DTL-38999 Composite which offers a lightweight and corrosion resistant alternative to traditional 38999 connectors, making it ideal for airborne, land and sea platforms operating in the most rugged environments.

ITT’s Control Technologies Enidine brand produces energy absorption, motion control and vibration isolation products to provide reliability and safety under the most extreme conditions. The latest advances in technology help to isolate sensitive electronics, reduce recoil force and protect weapon systems. The newly engineered Blast Seat Shock Absorber meets the growing need to protect defense forces from the increased force of roadside IEDs. ITT Enidine’s High Energy Rope Mount (HERM) will also be highlighted at DSEI. Ideal for land and naval applications, this hybrid product combines wire rope and elastomeric technology to maximize shock and vibration isolation performance. The HERM can be used in various defense applications as a shock and vibration isolator for naval communication systems, ship and land displays and naval management systems.

ITT Motion Technologies produces shock absorbers that are customizable to suit any defense application. Many vehicles are adding armor to increase protection from roadside bombs and explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), but this armor increases vehicle weight which results in extra demands on suspension components. The improved KONI M113 and 93 Series products were created to deliver bigger, stronger shock absorbers that increase vehicle mobility.

“Our highly engineered products are a customized response to our customers’ evolving defense challenges,” said Luca Savi, president of ITT’s Motion Technologies business. The KONI 93 Series Shock Absorber went through extensive testing at the U.S. Army proving grounds and meets the unique shock absorption needs for heavy tracked vehicles. The improved KONI M113 damper can handle heavier vehicle weights and features a deflective disc-style piston which provides increased reliability and production repeatability.

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