US Air Force Chooses VT MÄK Interoperability Tools for AFMSTT

By Caroline Rees / 22 Feb 2013
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VT MÄK (MÄK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that the US Air Force has selected MÄK interoperability products for use on the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Training Toolkit (AFMSTT) program. The MÄK tools include the new MÄK WebLVC Server, VR-Exchange, and MÄK Data Logger.

Based on the Air Force’s Air Warfare Simulation (AWSIM) model, the AFMSTT system enables training of senior commanders and staff for joint air warfare and operations. MÄK’s tools will be used to help migrate the AFMSTT system to a service-oriented architecture based on High Level Architecture (HLA) interoperability and web technologies.

The MÄK WebLVC Server enables web-based applications to interoperate with traditional modeling and simulation exercises known as federations. Browser-based applications, written in JavaScript, communicate with the server through a new MÄK-developed protocol called WebLVC. The MÄK WebLVC Server connects HLA or DIS simulation entities, known as federates, with the thin web client applications. The server also includes JavaScript libraries to help developers implement the client side of the WebLVC protocol. The program is using MÄK’s WebLVC Server to help monitor, control, and interact with core AWSIM and AFMSTT components through lightweight, thin clients running in a browser.

The VR-Exchange interoperability portal will be used to bridge between the AFMSTT suite, and external federations such as the JLCCTC MRF (Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability – Multi-resolution Federation), and the JLVC (Joint Live Virtual and Constructive) federation. VR-Exchange can perform many-to-many translations among various Run Time Infrastructure (RTI) implementations, HLA Object models, and interoperability architectures – and can be extended through the development of custom “Brokers” to support additional protocols. It has been used on numerous programs to achieve Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) integration and Simulation-to-Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) interoperability. Under the AFMSTT program, MÄK is adding support for the JLCCTC MRF Federation Object Model (FOM) and support for time management across HLA federations.

AFMSTT will be using the MÄK Data Logger for recording and replay of AFMSTT federations.

Len Granowetter, Vice President of Engineering, VT MÄK commented “We are proud to have the AFMSTT program as ‘launch customers’ for our new WebLVC Server product. Many M&S programs are starting to see the benefits of new web technologies such as WebSockets and WebGL in developing thin clients that are powerful, yet lightweight and accessible anywhere. MÄK has been working hard to leverage these technologies in a way that is consistent with the needs of the M&S community.”

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