Train Smarter, Not Harder with Pre-Trained Models and Transfer Learning

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  • February 23, 2021, 13:00 (UTC)
  • The journey to deploying customized, high-accuracy, and performant AI models in production can be treacherous for engineering teams attempting to train with open-source models. The need for enormous amounts of data and advanced expertise to train models from scratch can hamper productivity. NVIDIA’s multi-purpose pre-trained models and Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) let you work smarter by supercharging the training and deployment of high-accuracy and high-performance AI models.

    In this live webinar, you’ll discover:

    • Why the combination of NVIDIA pre-trained models and transfer learning are critical productivity tools, regardless of your engineering team size.
    • What makes NVIDIA pre-trained models and TLT unique and incredibly powerful for vision-AI application development.
    • How to use pre-trained models and TLT to solve common problems like adapting models to new scenes, pruning, and INT8 quantization to make them more efficient.
    • NVIDIA’s latest deployment platforms–from NVIDIA® Jetson™ to NVIDIA server GPUs.
    • Demos and Q&As with our team of experts.
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