microdrones Demonstrates Drone-Assisted Water Rescue

By Microdrones Microdrones / 27 Sep 2016

Watch how the microdrones md4-1000 quadcopter drone can be used to support lifeguard rescue operations.

Developed in collaboration with the DLRG Horneburg (a German lifeguard association) and RESTUBE, this new water rescue tactic deploys a microdrones UAV to quickly deliver a compact flotation device to a swimmer in distress.

With this innovative new approach to water rescue, microdrones has overcome two key challenges faced by lifeguards: lack of time and victim panic. With a drone, the lifeguard team can deliver a flotation device that automatically inflates on contact with water, buying additional time to reach the victim.

microdrones selected the md4-1000 quadcopter for this simulation, as it is highly effective for water rescue. The uniquely designed motors, rugged carbon fiber housing, highly efficient batteries, and integrated GPS system allow the UAV to fly and stay in position in strong winds over the water.

The md4-1000 was also equipped with an imaging camera that streamed live to the lifeguard operating the drone, allowing them to easily see the precise location to drop the flotation device.

“We are so proud to be able to share this life-saving application with the world,” said Sven Juerss, CEO of microdrones. “It is our hope that decision-makers at lifeguarding organizations, cruise lines, and other aquatic operations will view the video and be empowered to use technology to save lives. We want to raise awareness of the vast life-saving potential of unmanned aerial vehicles.”

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