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Properties & Applications of Sapphire as an Optical Material

Feature Article by Meller Optics
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Meller Optics, manufacturer of high-precision custom optical windows, domes, and lenses, has released a whitepaper focusing on sapphire and how the material can help solve complex engineering design problems.

Sapphire is a tough optical material resistant to chemicals, scratching, and high pressure, and has exceptional transparency, making it ideal for optics used on submersibles, UUV, and ROV, as well as aerospace applications including optics for onboard imaging, sensing and targeting systems used on drones and UAV.

Read the full whitepaper here.

The whitepaper covers:

  • Sapphire’s properties compared to other optical materials
  • Common uses of sapphire windows and lenses
  • The benefits of replacing fused silica with sapphire

To find out more about the properties and applications of sapphire, and how its used in Meller Optics products, download the full whitepaper here.

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