Agricultural Drone Solutions Advanced with New Collaboration

Drone Nerds has partnered with Sentera to expand its range of agricultural and industrial drone solutions, adding Sentera's PHX fixed-wing drone and multispectral sensors to its offerings By William Mackenzie / 24 May 2024
Agricultural Drone Solutions Advanced with New Collaboration
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Drone technology provider Drone Nerds has partnered with Sentera, specialists in high-resolution imagery for agriscience and crop production. 

The collaboration will bring together Drone Nerds’ agricultural drone expertise with the advanced aerial imaging capabilities of the Sentera PHX drone and sensors, empowering businesses across various industries with innovative solutions.

Sentera PHX Drone
The Sentera PHX is a fixed-wing drone designed to revolutionize data collection and analysis in agriculture, construction, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure sectors. With remarkable features such as a maximum flight time of 59 minutes, a weight of 4.5 lbs, RTK capability, and coverage of 640 acres per hour, the PHX offers unparalleled efficiency and precision in aerial data capture.

Sentera’s Sensors
The 6X Multispectral and 6X Thermal are lightweight single-camera solutions that offer synchronized capture of radiometric-accurate multispectral, thermal and high-resolution RGB imagery.

The 65R Sensor is reportedly the first high-resolution aerial RGB sensor in its class to deliver seamless drone integration without compromising image quality. With a sustained 3 Hz capture rate of 65-megapixel global shutter imagery, the 65R produces exceptional visual-band imagery.

These sensors are equipped with an ample 512GB of high-speed internal solid-state storage, high capture rate, and gimbal stabilization, enabling longer flights, covering more area. Drone Nerds add that Sentera sensors provide outstanding value, ensuring optimal results for every project.

Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO of Drone Nerds, commented; “We are thrilled to partner with Sentera to bring their innovative drone technology to our customers. The integration of the Sentera PHX drone and sensors into our product portfolio significantly enhances our enterprise offerings, allowing businesses to access advanced aerial imaging solutions for agriculture and various other applications.”

Erik de Badts, Sensor Channel Sales Manager Europe and Latin America, Sentera, added; “We are excited to join forces with Drone Nerds, allowing us to offer our products alongside a wide selection of drones that can integrate seamlessly with Sentera’s sensors. This partnership opens new avenues for bringing our innovative technology to customers across the Americas.”

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