Most Read Articles on UST This Week

Here’s our round-up of the five most read articles on this week By Abi Wylie / 26 Apr 2024
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Take a look at our round-up of the five most read articles on UST this week, including new technologies, partnerships, events, and industry successes.

1. New SKY MANTIS 2 Delivers Ultimate Anti-Jamming Resilience

New SKY MANTIS 2 UAV Deliver Ultimate Anti-Jamming Resilience

Leading mesh networking technology provider Doodle Labs will continue a partnership with British UAS manufacturer Evolve Dynamics.

Helix Mesh Rider Radios by Doodle Labs’ will be integrated as the on-board datalink in the new generation of Evolve Dynamics’ flagship platform, the SKY MANTIS 2.

The integration secures resilient connectivity, full data encryption and advanced interference avoidance for the SKY MANTIS 2, which has been thoroughly field-tested in highly-contested airspace in support of Ukrainian defense forces in the face of active Russian jamming attempts.


2. TEKEVER Unveils New UAS with Swarm Capabilities

ARX UAS Tekever

TEKEVER has introduced the ARX unmanned aerial system (UAS), the company’s largest, most advanced drone and first to deploy a swarm, at XPONENTIAL in San Diego.

With onboard AI/ML capabilities and a fully modular payload configuration supporting sensors and deployable cargo, the new UAS, which is set to have its commercial debut in 2025, is expected to significantly enhance surveillance and life-saving capabilities for both civilian and military organizations.


3. New Heavy Fuel UAV Engine Released at XPONENTIAL

New Heavy Fuel UAV Engine Released at XPONENTIAL 2024

Suter Industries launched the new HF-TOA288-SDI heavy fuel engine at this years’ XPONENTIAL 2024 in San Diego, on Booth #3650.

The US representative of Suter Industries, UAV Propulsion Tech will also be at XPONENTIAL at Booth #3648.

The new 22.5hp UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) engine has been designed to meet the growing global demand for engines utilizing jet fuel (Jet-A1, JP5, JP8), in order to meet the safety and logistics goals of customers worldwide.


4. Exail to Provide Advanced INS for All-Terrain AUVs


Exail has been chosen by Eelume to supply the company’s new S-Series all-terrain Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) with Exail’s Phins Compact C3 Inertial Navigation System (INS).

The Eelume S-Series is a new generation of all-terrain AUVs designed specifically for mapping and operating in challenging underwater terrains. Unlike traditional AUVs, they boast 360° of maneuverability in roll and pitch, offering versatility and sustainability in accessing previously unreachable environments.


5. New Surface-Mount MEMS Single-Axis Accelerometer

Gladiator Technologies GA50 MEMS single-axis accelerometer

Gladiator Technologies has launched the GA50, a new ultra-miniature open-loop single-axis accelerometer that integrates a silicon MEMS device with an ASIC, analog front end and temperature sensor. Assembled within a hermetically-sealed LCC20 surface-mount package with a footprint of 8.9 x 8.9 mm, it is Gladiator’s smallest MEMs device to date.

The compact and low-power device offers excellent long-term bias repeatability and navigation-grade short-term stability and noise. It is available in three different sensing ranges – ±5, ±40 and ±70 g – to suit a wide range of requirements.


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