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D-Fend Launches Backpack Deployable C-UAS Solution

D-Fend Solutions' new product, the EnforceAir2, comes with even more power, performance, portability, and range, all in a more compact and accessible system By Abi Wylie / 25 Aug 2023
D-Fend Launches Backpack Deployable C-UAS Solution copy
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D-Fend Solutions has introduced its new product, EnforceAir2, with enhanced, expanded, and extended C-UAS capabilities. 

The system now comes with even more power, performance, portability, and range, all in a more compact and accessible system.

High-Performance, Purpose-Built C-UAS Cyber-SDR Hardware with Specially Designed PCBs

  • Longer-Range Detection and Mitigation Coverage ranges
  • Overcomes limitations of traditional commercial off-the-shelf SDR platforms
  • Multiple receivers and transmitters; powerful real-time processing; advanced RF technology; compliance with radio regulations
  • High-Performance MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) Antennas for improved radiation patterns and compact footprint form-factor implementation suitable for tactical or fixed applications

Man-Portable Backpack Option

The system’s brand-new backpack deployment provides flexible on-the-move full capability protection for tactical and stealth operations in a compact ultra-mobile solution.

  • Covert use case suitability with concealed antennas and a rugged, slim, lightweight design
  • Long-term power from hot-swap batteries providing long-duration, no downtime continuous operations

Seamless Operational Flexibility (SOF)

EnforceAir2’s multi-use deployment kit enables tactical teams to overcome deployment challenges and achieve total operational flexibility. This includes:

  • Quick set-up, locking, and release mechanisms for rapid conversions between deployments
  • Short to medium-term stationary deployment options for tactical teams
  • Tactical, Vehicular, Stationary, and Man-Portable (backpack) deployments
  • Best-in-Class SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) delivering unprecedented power and portability, in a compact, lightweight small form factor, with easy transport, and simple handling and set-up

“EnforceAir2 reinforces D-Fend’s strategic market position as the pioneer and leader in the groundbreaking technology category of RF-Cyber for counter-drone detection and mitigation, focused on control, safety and continuity,” said Yaniv Benbenisti, President and Chief Product Officer of D-Fend Solutions. “As the threat escalates and proliferates, into more varied environments and scenarios, EnforceAir2 now brings unprecedented power, flexibility, and portability to security officials to confront and overcome the growing risks and challenging dangers.”

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