New LiDAR Systems Released for Survey-Grade Mapping

ROCK Robotic’s R3 and R3 PRO are surveying tools designed to capture unprecedented, accurate 3D LiDAR and photogrammetry data for commercial land surveyors and mapping professionals By Caroline Rees / 25 Apr 2023
ROCK Robotic
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ROCK Robotic has released the R3 LiDAR mapping systems product line, introducing sophisticated hardware components into a lightweight, integrated 3D point cloud collection tool. 

The launch of the R3 and R3 PRO is the latest effort for ROCK Robotic to offer a user-friendly, end-to-end LiDAR solution to land surveyors and commercial mapping professionals.

The new ROCK R3 includes cutting-edge technology, including a geodetic-grade GNSS receiver and tactical-grade IMU. The R3 PRO comes equipped with a Hesai Pandar XT32 sensor, while the lower pricepoint R3 utilizes the Hesai Pandar XT16 sensor. The R3 includes a detachable 26MP camera for high-resolution RGB image capture. It weighs just 1.26 kg (2.77 lb) compared to the previous ROCK 360 system’s 1.70 kg (3.74 lb). In addition, the R3 offers optional advanced SLAM capabilities for mapping on the ground, as well as in areas with weak GNSS signals.

ROCK Robotic CEO Harrison Knoll, said: “The ROCK R3 PRO is a major step forward for ROCK Robotic. It offers better accuracy, better SLAM, a better camera, a lighter payload — basically a better product all around. Not only will our current customers love it, but we’re confident that the R3 will attract new customers who want a great hardware product along with our great software and support.”

“We want surveyors and mapping professionals to have the simplest workflow while getting the best results and deliverables,” Knoll added. “From the time you’re out in the field flying your drone to when you send deliverables to your client, ROCK makes it as easy as possible to make it happen. With the recently released ROCK Desktop software, R3 system and ROCK Cloud post-processing software, we’ve got all the bases covered. ROCK is definitely stepping up as a major player in the LiDAR arena.”

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