OPA-Based Solid State LiDAR Achieves 200 Meter Range

By Phoebe Grinter / 10 Jan 2022
Quanergy LiDAR

Quanergy Systems, Inc. has successfully demonstrated its Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology out to a range of 200 meters, doubling the range achieved earlier in the year. This achievement further expands the set of applications the technology can address through the S3 Series Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), a true solid state sensor using an industry-first, scalable Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) silicon manufacturing process for cost-effective, mass-market production.

S3 Series LiDAR

The demonstration was conducted with a solid-state LiDAR S3 test platform with a single scanning beam. The test included the detection and tracking of difficult-to-detect objects, including a target with 10% reflectivity mounted on a vehicle stationed 200 meters away, and a person with dark clothes as he walked the entire distance to the vehicle at 200 meters.

“This demonstration of Quanergy’s OPA technology at the 200 meter range is a major milestone for the industry since it highlights its efficacy for a broad range of industrial automation and automotive applications,” said James Hodgson, Principal Analyst, ABI Research. “Its range performance, CMOS-based process, coupled with its ability to operate with no moving parts with a very high mean-time-between failures, positions OPA as the leading technology for high manufacturing scale automotive applications, expected to surpass Digital MEMS and Flash.”

Dr. Tianyue Yu, Quanergy’s Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, added, “Quanergy’s OPA Technology offers the highest reliability with no moving parts, adaptive zoom for zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities to focus on any obstacles and active scanning which allows for steering capability and flexibility to collect points in any pattern. These attributes provide for high-volume, high-yield, low-cost manufacturing.”

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