Considerations for Complex Circuit Board Assembly Projects

By Sarah Simpson / 09 Nov 2021
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MPL has released the following article outlining considerations when selecting a circuit board manufacturer for complex assembly projects. Specialists in PCB assemblies and Surface Mount Technology, MPL details specific aspects of circuit board manufacturing including: ISO certification, designing for manufacturability, intellectual property protection and wider manufacturing capability.

Considerations for Complex Circuit Board Assembly Projects
Regarding complex assembly projects in particular, it is important to take a number of considerations into account when choosing a supplier. Explore a compiled list of questions to ask yourself before deciding on a Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer to partner with.

Will My Specialty Circuit Board Contract Manufacturer Produce Consistent Results?

Ensure that your Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer has the ability to deliver with high first pass yield. The cheapest bid is not always cheapest… substandard quality and inconsistent results lead to additional expenses, late deliveries and unhappy customers – especially when dealing with complex Specialty Circuit Board Assemblies. At MPL, we have consistency down to a science and we are proud to present one of the results of this commitment to consistency: an outstandingly low return rate of 0.01% during Q1 + Q2 of 2021 and 0.02% for the year 2020. When vetting new suppliers, ensure they have plenty of experience with your level of board complexity and a successful quality track record with those types of assemblies. At MPL, we have an expansive customer list across many industries – all of which have their own needs. From complex assemblies (25+ layers, RF technology, fine pitch BGA, etc.) to simple (2+ layers, basic component mix, etc.), MPL has you covered.

Is Your Specialty Circuit Board Contract Manufacturer ISO Certified?

It is wise to take ISO certification into consideration when choosing a Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer for your projects. ISO certification is significant because companies which seek accreditation must meet a global standard for quality and excellence in order to qualify. Any company can claim to some degree that they provide quality service, but when ISO is involved, customers can rest assured that a trusted, unbiased organization has approved the Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer in question as one who can meet the highest of quality standards. With an ever-improving internal Quality Management System (QMS), the entire MPL team shares a commitment to delivering defect free product run after run.

Does Your Specialty Circuit Board Contract Manufacturer Utilize Design for Manufacturability (DFM)?

Something else to address when employing a contract manufacturer for your PCBA needs is whether they offer DFM, or Design for Manufacturability. Design for Manufacturability is a type of service that reduces costs and improves quality of the Specialty Circuit Board assemblies by optimizing assembly design. By maximizing manufacturing efficiency, we are able to eliminate avoidable waste and continually produce consistent results. While Design for Manufacturability is useful for all Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturing projects, DFM is especially important to consider when complex assemblies are involved.

Will Your Intellectual Property Be Protected By Your Specialty Circuit Board Contract Manufacturer?

Seek out a contract manufacturer that you know will be a trustworthy partner for your IP. Product designs are highly valuable, and as such it is vital that you choose a Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer that will protect your information as if it were their own. A long company history can be a good sign that your contract manufacturer is dependable, as integrity leads to return customers and increased company success. At MPL, we are proud to boast over 30 years of service, during which time we have remained dedicated to preserving the privacy of our customers and have kept our clients’ information secure. In addition, MPL is ITAR registered and working diligently to achieve NIST 800-17, a DFARS clause and cybersecurity initiative that will further solidify MPL’s ability to protect customer information.

Broad Range of Capabilities

When a Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturing project is complex, there is a higher likelihood that the project will require a wider range of manufacturing capabilities. Because of this, it is important to invest in a Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer that is adaptable to your needs. From prototyping to box build, to conformal coating, potting and other epoxy and adhesive work, MPL is an Specialty Circuit Board contract manufacturer that can meet your project requirements from start to finish – no matter the end use application. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art equipment we utilize on our manufacturing floor and, more importantly, the highly experienced staff we have at MPL – the heart and soul of our business.

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