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eBook: How to Increase Drone Flight Time, Payload & Efficiency

By Sarah Simpson / 20 May 2021
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Tyto Robotics have released a free eBook examining the various factors that impact unmanned flight performance.

A world leader in UAV propulsion testing, Tyto Robotics offer a wide range of professional testing tools for all sizes of unmanned aerial vehicle, providing drone designers with the specific testing equipment required for propulsion system optimization.

Designed as a guide to relevant equations and tests which ensure optimal performance from drones, RC planes and eVTOL aircraft, the downloadable eBook provides insight into ways to increase flight time, payload and overall efficiency.

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There are many factors that affect a drone’s flight time, payload and overall efficiency. Manipulating these factors can help you maximize performance and gain a competitive advantage in the fast growing drone industry. This eBook will guide you through the relevant equations and tests for ensuring your drone, RC plane or eVTOL aircraft is performing optimally.

Topics covered follow the design and testing process from start to finish, including:

  • Aerodynamics and how drones fly
  • The drone equations
  • Increase flight time, payload and efficiency
  • Choosing the right motor and propeller
  • Choosing the right battery
  • Choosing the right ESC and connectors
  • Propulsion testing
  • Flight testing
The forces controlling multicopter movement
Fixed-wing drone forces

The eBook begins by exploring the forces controlling multicopter and fixed-wing UAV movements and looks in turn at the different components that need to be selected, before considering propulsion and flight test solutions.

Drone flight testing with wind generator

Drone Building and Optimization – How to increase drone flight time, payload & overall efficiency

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