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Drone-Based Gas Detection System Uses Miniature Ultrasonic Anemometer

By Mike Ball / 12 Apr 2021
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HoverGuard UAV-based gas leak detection system

Anemoment has confirmed that its TriSonica Mini sonic anemometer has been incorporated into a new drone-based gas leak detection system. HoverGuard, developed by ABB, is designed to detect and map natural gas leaks in areas that may be hard for human personnel to reach, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, areas with right-of-way restrictions or extensive vegetation coverage, and pipelines.

HoverGuard combines patented LGR-ICOS laser technology, the TriSonica Mini’s wind velocity measurement capabilities, GNSS sensors, and advanced data analytics to provide rapid detection and precise location and size estimation of natural gas leaks at a rate that covers 10 to 15 times more land area per minute than traditional methods.

The TriSonica Mini is the world’s smallest and lightest 3D ultrasonic anemometer, weighing just 50 grams and fitting in the palm of a hand. With no moving parts, it is an ideal ultrasonic wind sensor for UAVs and other SWaP (size, weight and power)-conscious systems. It provides wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, and compass data outputs, as well as measurements of all three dimensions of air flow.

The lightweight, rugged, and highly accurate wind and weather sensor maintains accurate measurements even at tilt angles of up to 15 degrees, making it an ideal choice for moving platforms such as drones and USVs (unmanned surface vessels). It can be easily incorporated into UAV ground control stations (GCS) and other space-constrained positions where high-accuracy environmental data is required.

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