Hydrogen-Powered VTOL UAV Achieves 15-Hour Flight-Time

By Sarah Simpson / 23 Sep 2019
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MMC Griflion H with 15 hour Flight Time

MMC UAV’s new hydrogen powered drone the Griflion H, was launched this September  in Germany during the InterGEO conference and trade fair. Featuring a record-breaking 15-hour flight-time the vertical take-off and landing UAV is powered by a hydrogen fuel battery developed by MMC UAV.

With in-house R&D and capable of industrial chain integration, MMC UAV developed the high-efficiency hydrogen fuel cell with a hydrogen storage capacity of 27 litres and metal bipolar plate.

Capable of an impressive 15 hour flight-time without payload, the Griflion H can also fly for 10 hours with a 3kg payload. Ideal for use within the following applications, the Griflion H maximises efficiency by reducing the need for multiple take-offs and landings in order to change battery packs:

  • surveying and mapping
  • rescue
  • security and protection
  • border and forest scouting

With upgraded hydrogen fuel cell and drone design, the Griflion H breaks its own flight time record and boasts high security, wide coverage, zero emissions, low heat and low noise.

Safer, more convenient and with greatly improved mission efficiency the Griflion H has been designed for global customers operating sectors such as inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping and environmental protection.

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