Compact Global Shutter Camera Module Released for Machine Vision Applications

By Mike Ball / 30 May 2019
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OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, has announced the release of its OVM7251 CameraCubeChip module. Built on the 3 micron OmniPixel3-GS global shutter architecture, the OVM7251 offers designers a small form factor, low power consumption and 640×480 VGA resolution camera module. The module is available in an 850nm version for AR/VR eye tracking, and a 940nm version for drone and robotic machine vision applications.

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“Until now, most camera modules for these applications have been built with rolling shutters, which have latency issues. Meanwhile, global shutter modules have previously been Omnitoo large and expensive,” said Aaron Chiang, marketing director at OmniVision. “Our new OVM7251 overcomes these challenges by providing a cost effective VGA module with global shutter performance in a wafer-level, reflowable form factor.”

The OVM7251’s sleep current consumption is 5mA, and during active mode, the module’s global shutter enables fast image capture. This combination can result in extended battery life for a broad range of applications, such as head-mounted displays for AR/VR, facial authentication in smart phones, and machine vision for factory automation, barcode readers and robot vacuum cleaners. Additionally, by using the OVM7251 for eye tracking in AR/VR headsets, designers can further reduce power consumption by programming the system to only process the display areas where users are currently looking, instead of the entire image.

OmniVision’s CameraCubeChip modules reduce design time by integrating the image sensors, processor and lenses in a miniature wafer-level, reflowable chip-scale package.

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