Persistent Systems Unveils Embedded MANET Radio Module for UAVs, UGVs

By Mike Ball / 18 May 2017
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Persistent Systems Embedded Module

Persistent Systems has announced an Embedded Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) radio, in a SWaP-conscious form factor. The Embedded Module is designed for easy integration and to unite unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), and sensors on a single network. In addition to providing access to the Wave Relay MANET, the Embedded Module features an HD video encoder and onboard Android computer. The Embedded Module is also compatible with Persistent’s full line of Interchangeable Frequency Modules, allowing users to leverage powerful 3×3 MIMO communications technology.

“We envision a networked world, with unmanned systems and sensors seamlessly communicating with teams in the field. The Embedded Module represents a major step towards a networked Ecosystem, which will permit connected people, systems, and sensors to perform autonomously or collaboratively,” said Dr. Herbert Rubens, CEO of Persistent Systems.

The Embedded Module unites unmanned systems’ communication, computing, and video subsystems into a single size- and weight-effective package. The Embedded Module’s HD video encoder and onboard Android computer replaces specialized, separate video and computing equipment with a single device that performs the same functions but takes up less space, weighs less, consumes less power, and requires fewer engineering hours to integrate.

Dr. Rubens continued, “As the user community rapidly adopted the MPU5, demand developed for third-party solutions that natively participate in the Wave Relay MANET. We built the Embedded Module to support our Wave Relay Ecosystem partners, providing them with a solution that is easy to integrate into their UAVs, UGVs, Sensors, and Cameras.”

The Embedded Module is compatible with Persistent’s full line of Interchangeable Frequency Modules. A paired Embedded Module and Interchangeable Frequency Module allows operators to leverage 3×3 MIMO technology and 6W of transmit power for extremely long range communications at speeds exceeding 100 Mbps. MIMO leverages RF reflections from the radio’s surroundings and antenna placement diversity to extend range, reinforce reliability, and improve throughput. The Embedded Module’s Interchangeable Frequency Module also allows easy frequency changes as unmanned systems are deployed across the world and across industries. Additionally, as global spectrum regulations continue to evolve, the Interchangeable Frequency Module means that compliance is easier and that system design is future-proofed.

Integrating the Embedded Module brings unmanned platforms into the Wave Relay Ecosystem, where all UAVs, UGVs, sensors, and systems are networked. The Embedded Module uses Persistent’s Wave Relay MANET routing to provide multi-hop IP connectivity between multiple Wave Relay radios – Embedded Modules and MPU5s alike – extending range and simplifying deployment. Not only can unmanned systems and sensors from multiple manufacturers communicate on a common network but also MPU5 radio users can operate platforms, watch video feeds, and steer cameras.

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