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Article: The Importance of Miniature Valves on Satellite Design

By Caroline Rees / 16 Nov 2016
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Importance of Miniature Valves on Satellite Design

Marotta Controls, Inc. has released a technical article which looks at the importance that miniature valves have on the design of satellites.

The article covers a number of different miniature satellite valves, highlighting the capabilities and features that should be evaluated by designers when they are selecting components for use in satellites. Critically, consideration should be given to size, weight and power, as miniature components can increase satellite performance and mission lifetime while decreasing system size and complexity.

‘Miniature satellite valves pack a lot of performance in a small package, yet they are not all created equal.’  Writes Bryan Reid, Director, Business Development Space Systems, Marotta Controls, Inc.
‘Whether controlling gaseous substances or fluids, these small but powerful components should be evaluated beyond just latching or non-latching capabilities but also for size, weight and power considerations that increase satellite performance and mission lifetime while decreasing system size and complexity. In addition to making room for more payload, the same small but robust valve strategy creates a critical advantage in the event of system add-ons or changes, equipping propulsion architects with options that prevent costly delays in development.’

Download the full article (opens in PDF).

The article also refers to a number of case studies, detailing how specific valves have been used in various satellite applications:

  • Enabling Oxygen System Add-On For ADM-Aeolus
  • Adding Cold-Gas Micro-propulsion To The LISA Pathfinder
  • Complementing Multi-Function Valves In Spacebus NEO’s Electric Propulsion

Download the full article (opens in PDF).

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