Olaeris Unveils VTOL UAS for Fire, Police and Rescue Agencies

By Caroline Rees / 19 Jun 2012
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Unmanned aerial vehicle uses robotic intelligence to navigate obstacles autonomously.


Olaeris, Inc. today unveiled a new VTOL Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) named AEVA™ that has been specifically developed for domestic emergency responders including fire, police and rescue workers. It is designed to be a first response aerial vehicle that arrives at 911 emergencies before ground personnel to enhance safety and multiply manpower.

Unlike drones, AEVA™ uses robotic intelligence to analyze her surroundings and change direction automatically, making her safer to operate over populated areas. AEVA™ can sense and avoid other aircraft and at lower altitudes, can identify obstacles such as trees, buildings and people. Onboard processors analyze sensor data and adjust the flight path automatically to avoid collision. The project has been in conceptual design and development since 2009 but was kept under wraps until now.

AEVA™ is an autonomous, robotic system that is supervised by a remote human pilot. Within seconds of a 911 call, she takes off automatically and can arrive at any emergency location within 90 seconds. This allows fire, rescue and police to analyze the scene while enroute and know the situation before they arrive. During the past 2 years, police and fire fighters have been providing ongoing feedback on design revisions to improve performance and capabilities.

“Emergency responders need UAS technology but they want domesticated solutions that address their unique problems, not military spy planes designed for a battlefield,” said Ted Lindsley, CEO. “AEVA™ is a practical, affordable tool that will save lives and protect property without encroaching on the public’s privacy and surveillance concerns.”

Cities and counties are already lining up to become early installation sites after analyzing the budgetary savings of using the AEVA™ system. The company is developing a nationwide installation schedule and planning logistics to meet escalating customer demand.

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