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Vision4ce Video Target Tracking

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  • August 20, 2020 - Available on Demand
  • Vision4ce offers both hardware and software solutions for video target tracking. The DART (Detection and Acquisition, with Robust Tracking) video tracking product is a software based tracker that can run on either a Linux or Windows platform based on Intel or ARM processors.

    This webinar covers the Vision4ce CHARM hardware products which use the DART software hosted on an embedded multicore ARM processor module for complex video tracking and image processing requirements. The module, with its camera and display interfaces, is hosted on a carrier card which provides standardised video interfaces such as PAL, NTSC, YPbPr and HD-SDI for connection to the imaging sensors. If needed custom carriers can be provided to support other standardised video interfaces such as CameraLink, CoaxPress etc. The core CHARM Module can also be supplied for integration onto a host board.


    A video tracker analyses video image sequences from a sensor system, mounted on a servo controlled pedestal to keep the camera pointing at the nominated person or object. In this context the tracker has two functions, detecting and locating objects of interest in the video image, and controlling the platform (pan & tilt) position and rate such that the camera follows the designated object.

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