Stabilized Gimbal Camera Systems for C-UAS, Land-Based, Maritime & Aerial Surveillance

Footage From Ascent Vision Technologies’ CM202A

By Ascent Vision / 13 Aug 2019

This video highlights the accurate imagery capabilities enabled by Ascent Vision Technologies‘ gyro-stabilized MWIR CM202A on a Primoco 150 UAV.

The CM202A is a rugged, flexible multi-sensor imaging payload featuring gyro-stabilization and onboard real-time video stabilization for sharp, accurate imagery. The system is ideal for long and short range target detection, recognition and identification during UAS ISR, emergency response and combat SAR missions.

Electro-Optimal (EO) gimbal for ISR Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT)The payload features electro-optical and thermal (SWIR, MWIR or LWIR) sensors, enabling users to identify an object accurately and make informed decisions with 30x daylight and 13x MWIR continuous optical zoom. Multiple targets can be tracked at once by tagging up to 5 moving objects within the FOV.

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