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Gyro-Stabilized Imaging Gimbals for Drones, USVs, UGVs & Counter-UAS Technology

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Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) is a leading developer of gyro-stabilized imaging systems for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), target detection and tracking, and counter-UAS (CUAS) operations for aerospace and defense applications.

Our state-of-the-art gimbal payloads can be integrated into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS, UAVs, drones, RPAS), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and USVs (unmanned surface vessels), as well as fixed-site installations, and are used to support vital airborne, ground and maritime missions around the world.

Drone Camera Gimbals for Aerial Applications

Our 2-axis gyro-stabilized drone camera gimbals are designed for a range of aerial platforms, including fixed-wing UAVs, VTOL multi-rotors, and tethered drones. Featuring multi-spectral imaging sensors, our pan-tilt gimbals provide high-quality imagery in harsh climates and environments.

Gyro-Stabilized Drone Gimbals

CM142 – 2-Axis Multi-Sensor Gimbal for UAVs, UAS, Drones

Gyro-stabilized EO, LWIR & laser sensor payload

CM142 – 2-Axis Multi-Sensor Drone GimbalThe CM142 is a lightweight gyro-stabilized optical payload that provides accurate detection, recognition and identification data for UAS missions, day and night. The multi-sensor system is comprised of a high definition electro-optical sensor with 30x continuous optical zoom, LWIR sensor with 3x continuous optical zoom and a laser pointer.

The CM142 is designed to meet stringent UAS payload size and weight constraints, and is IP66-rated to provide rugged dust and weather resistance.

Learn more: CM142 – 2-Axis Multi-Sensor Gimbal

CM202A – 2-Axis Gyro-stabilized Drone Payload

Lightweight, rugged multi-sensor (EO, MWIR) gimbal for ISR

CM202A – 2-Axis Drone GimbalThe CM202A is a rugged, flexible multi-sensor imaging payload featuring gyro-stabilization and onboard real-time video stabilization for sharp, accurate imagery. The system is ideal for long and short range target detection, recognition and identification during UAS ISR, emergency response and combat SAR missions.

The payload features electro-optical and thermal (SWIR, MWIR or LWIR) sensors, enabling users to identify an object accurately and make informed decisions with 30x daylight and 13x MWIR continuous optical zoom. Multiple targets can be tracked at once by tagging up to 5 moving objects within the FOV.

Learn more: CM202A – 2-Axis Gyro-stabilized Gimbal

Imaging Gimbals for Land-Based Applications

Our battle-proven ground-based imaging systems provide reliable surveillance and protection in the harshest environments. Rugged and portable, they are designed for fixed, mobile and on-the-move missions.

Gimbals for Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking

CM202S – Portable Gyro-Stabilized Imaging Gimbal

2-axis, rugged multi-sensor imaging system for ground-based ISR

CM202S – Portable Gyro-Stabilized Imaging GimbalThe CM202S is a rugged portable multi-sensor imaging system designed for both fixed-site and on-the-move ground-based surveillance missions. The system includes a high definition daylight sensor with 60x optical zoom, and a cooled MWIR sensor with 20x continuous optical zoom.

Fitting easily inside a backpack and featuring rapid deployment and operation, the CM202S provides accurate intelligence day and night even while mounted on mobile ground vehicles.

Learn more: CM202S – Portable Imaging Gimbal

CM202U – Rugged Counter-UAS Gimbal

Portable gyro-stabilized gimbal for drone detection and tracking

CM202U – Rugged Counter-UAS GimbalThe CM202U is a man-portable multi-sensor imaging system, specifically designed for counter-UAS operations, that can easily be transported in a backpack. The battle-proven system provides accurate drone identification using crisp MWIR and HD daylight imagery, as well as Moving Threat Detection and Static Threat Detection algorithms that work together to ensure high detection probability.

The system identifies targets more rapidly and at a greater range than the operator can manually, shortening the decision cycle and allowing quicker elimination of targets.

The Operator Assist function can track up to 200 targets simultaneously, providing complete coverage and protection even during a swarm attack.

Learn more: CM202U – Counter-UAS Gimbal

CM262 – Gyro-Stabilized Quad-Sensor Imaging Gimbal

Full HD multi-sensor imaging system for ground-based ISR and counter-UAS

CM262 – Gyro-Stabilized Quad-Sensor Drone GimbalThe CM262 is a portable multi-sensor ground-based imaging system designed for ISR, force protection and counter-UAS. Incorporating HD EO with 60x optical zoom, HD MWIR with 20x continuous optical zoom, SWIR and a laser range finder, the system provides enhanced situational awareness under all light levels in any environment.

The CM262 is optimized for on-the-move missions, using advanced onboard video processing and object tracking capabilities to improve threat detection and identification and increase operator response time.

Learn more: CM262 – Gyro-Stabilized Quad-Sensor Imaging Gimbal

Rugged Imaging Gimbals for Marine Applications

CM262M – Gyro-Stabilized Marine Imaging System

Long range target detection, recognition and tracking

CM262M – Gyro-Stabilized Marine Imaging SystemThe CM262M is a rugged gyro-stabilized imaging system providing superior performance at sea for maritime patrolling, border protection, coastal surveillance and search & rescue. It offers full HD daylight and MWIR sensors, as well as 60x daylight and 20x thermal continuous optical zoom for long-range high-accuracy target detection and tracking.

With advanced video processing and stabilization algorithms, the IP66-rated CM262 provides maximum performance and reliability even under rough sea conditions, operating at speeds in excess of 45 mph.

Integrated Counter-UAS (CUAS) Technology

Our battle-proven integrated systems are designed for air defense, anti drone and counter rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) missions.

Anti-Drone Defense System

X-MADIS Anti-Drone Defense System

Detect, locate, track, identify and defeat sUAS 

The X-MADIS (eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System) is a series of fully integrated counter-UAS/anti-drone systems that detect, locate, track, identify and defeat small UAS. Featuring integrated all-threat tactical air surveillance radar, gyro-stabilized optical sensor (EO and MWIR imagery), C2 interface and Electronic Warfare System, the X-MADIS provides a complete “soft-kill” solution to the growing threat of hostile UAS.

The rugged, reliable X-MADIS anti-drone system has been deployed in a range of extreme environments, providing unmatched force protection both on the move and in fixed locations. The platform-agnostic multi-mission system is available in three variants:

Designed for fixed-site air defense missions, and mounted on tripods or fixed to permanent installations. The system includes radar, optics and electronic warfare capabilities for protection against sUAS threats.

X-MADIS FS anti-drone technology

X-MADIS Mobile
Offers a rugged and portable counter-UAS solution, ideal for missions that move from one facility to the next. The system includes radar, optics and an EW system, and is installed on a vehicle.

X-MADIS Mobile Counter-UAS System

Provides an effective air defense solution for missions on-the-move. The complete system includes radar, optics, an EW system and an all-terrain vehicle, and maintains high performance at speeds exceeding 30mph on rough terrain.

X-MADIS OTM Counter-UAS Tracking Technology