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Ziyan: Elevating Power Infrastructure with Unmanned Helicopters

Ziyan outlines its aims to revolutionize how inspections are approached in the power and energy industries by elevating the intelligence of operations in the sector with its UAS Feature Article by Ziyan UAS
Ziyan: Elevating Power Infrastructure with Unmanned Helicopters
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Operational efficiency is crucial in the constantly changing landscape of energy and power. 

As a developer and manufacturer of intelligent aerial unmanned platforms, Ziyan aims to revolutionize how inspections are approached in the power and energy industries. Read more >>

Routine inspections in particular are key in the daily operations of the sector, with manual methods often falling short in providing consistent inspection quality as well as posing significant safety risks and being labor-intensive.

Ziyan recognizes this as a call for industry modernization, and is committed to elevating operational intelligence.

Ziyan: Elevating Power Infrastructure with Unmanned Helicopters

Key Industry Applications

Power Line Inspection: Ziyan unmanned helicopters are equipped with tri-sensor gimbal camera and LiDAR, providing real-time monitoring of power lines and towers. They can detect abnormalities in components such as wire poles, conductors, and insulators, as well as monitor the ground along the power lines for any unauthorized construction or development.

Solar Farm Inspection: Unmanned helicopters with high-resolution cameras and infrared sensors overcome the limitations of manual inspections, efficiently identifying shading, damage, and short circuits in solar panels. Unmanned helicopters can complete large-scale station inspections in a short time, improving inspection efficiency and quality, and facilitating stable and efficient operation of solar farms

Offshore Wind Farm Inspection: Embrace cost-effective and safe solutions for offshore wind turbines. Ziyan unmanned helicopters conduct comprehensive blade inspections, vessel clearances, and material transportation, ensuring optimal offshore wind power maintenance and operation.

Why Choose Ziyan?

Cutting-edge Technology: Ziyan is at the forefront of unmanned technology, continuously innovating to provide high-quality products and solutions.

Efficiency and Precision: Optimize inspection processes, ensuring faster and more accurate results.

Safety First: Minimize safety risks associated with traditional inspection methods by leveraging Ziyan’s advanced unmanned technology

Ziyan aims to empower businesses with unparalleled drone solutions tailored for the energy and power sector. Elevating operational efficiency, enhancing safety measures, and embracing the future of power infrastructure inspections.

Read the full article, or find out more on Ziyan’s website. 

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