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Ziyan Releases Grey Whale G1 Next Generation Cargo UAV

The Grey Whale G1 from Ziyan UAS features a modular fuselage and folding landing gear, 21KG cargo capacity, and level 7 wind resistance By Sarah Simpson / 23 Feb 2024
Ziyan Releases Grey Whale G1 Next Generation Cargo UAV
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Ziyan UAS, a leading manufacturer of electric unmanned aerial systems for civilian and industrial applications, has released the Grey Whale G1.

Designed to offer a solution to the challenge of transporting goods in remote mountainous regions the Grey Whale G1 is the first cargo UAV designed by Ziyan for the aerial transportation of goods and supplies. With a robust payload capacity, high reliability, and safety features, the Grey Whale G1 supports both cargo box and sling transport modes.

Grey Whale G1 Cargo UAV

This flexibility makes it suitable for various scenarios such as goods transportation in mountainous regions, high-altitude areas, and islands, enabling precise point-to-point delivery and effectively addressing transportation issues caused by remote geographical locations and ground congestion.

Key Advantages

  • Heavy Payload – capable of carrying up to 21KG of cargo.
  • Long Range – dual battery endurance of up to 60KM (unloaded).
  • Enhanced Safety – equipped with a built-in parachute for stable emergency landings.
  • Strong Wind Resistance – capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to level 7.
Next Generation Cargo UAV by Ziyan


The Grey Whale G1’s ability to perform vertical take-off and landing from unfixed points, and to land in difficult conditions, make it an ideal solution for cargo delivery within the following applications:

Emergency Rescue – Transporting supplies for firefighting, rescue operations, inspection tools, daily necessities, and maintenance parts.

Island Goods Transportation – Delivering daily necessities, building materials, medical supplies, etc.

Engineering Material Delivery – Transporting construction materials, solar panels, etc.

Medical Supply Delivery – Transporting emergency equipment, drugs, blood, various specimens, and biological samples.

The flexible, convenient, safe, and efficient delivery of goods and supplies by UAV enables high-frequency and periodic delivery schedules to be met, resulting in economic efficiencies. Ziyan’s Grey Whale G1 cargo UAV tackles complex terrain and transportation challenges, meeting the transportation needs of a range of different industries.

Ziyan Grey Whale G1


Dimensions998x157x442mm (LxWxH) without rotor blade
Max Payload21kg
Wind ResistanceLevel 7
Max Service Ceiling6000m
Flight Range60km (unloaded)
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