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Making the Case for XF Technology to Enhance GNSS Reliability

Calian has released a white paper outlining potential issues with the rapid increase of signals in the RF spectrum and positioning the use of XF technology in the Tallysman® line of antennas as a solution Feature Article by Calian
Making the Case for XF Technology to Enhance GNSS Reliability
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Calian’s latest white paper discusses the problems surrounding the rapidly increasing volume of signals within the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, and delves into an innovative technological solution.

RF congestion is a real issue for keeping crucial protected Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) frequency bands clear, particularly with the introduction of 5G networks, among others. Traditional GNSS antennas are unable to filter out interference, causing disruptions in key industries, like precision agriculture, that use autonomous vehicles and require uninterrupted communications.

With mobile networks expanding fast while satellite communications services are growing, sensitivity to interference is becoming more pronounced. Calian puts forward the use of eXtended Filtering (XF) in the Tallysman® line of antennas as a solution. Find out more in the full white paper >>

Among other benefits, XF technology helps industries to meet the increasingly stringent signal reliability and integrity requirements mandated by regulatory bodies and industry standards.

In Enhancing GNSS Reliability with XF Technology, Calian expands on this and other advantages, in particular the company’s own XF antennas.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Brief introductions on the key components of XF technology.
  • The source of these threatening interference signals.
  • How these sources of interference affect GNSS reliability.
  • How Tallysman GNSS antennas leverage XF technology to mitigate interference.
  • Details on what is driving the need for this type of mitigation

Calian encourages other companies to act now to ensure there are still clean and uninterrupted GNSS signals to support key industries in the future.

Read the white paper here and visit the Calian website to find out more >>

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