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Enhancing Public Safety with Advanced Policing Solutions

Ziyan's Falcon-10 UAV, with its agile maneuverability, high-altitude perspective, wide coverage, and extended endurance, emerges as the "Sky Guardian" in law enforcement Feature Article by Ziyan UAS
Ziyan UAS enhancing public safety with advanced policing solutions
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In the face of increasing challenges in public safety, traditional security systems are struggling to respond rapidly to the demand of frequent social activities, high security requirements, and a complex public safety landscape.

Ziyan UAV’s Falcon-10, with its agile maneuverability, high-altitude perspective, wide coverage, and extended endurance, emerges as the “Sky Guardian” in law enforcement.

Applications in policing

  • 30X Laser Ranging Gimbal. Enhanced patrol capability: Visualizing patrol baths for effective surveillance.
  • 38mm anti-riot launcher. Automated anti-riot capabilities for crowd control and criminal deterrence. 
  • Loud speaker. Clear, real-time voice projection for crowd dispersal and avoiding chaos. 

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Improved patrol efficiency: Unmanned aerial patrols without spatial or terrain constraints, providing comprehensive coverage and relieving security personnel’s workload. 

Swift Emergency Response: Rapid deployment to the scene of an incident, capturing high-definition images and transmitting them to the command center for timely analysis and decision-making.

Major Event Security: Directed aerial surveillance during events, identifying security risks and assisting with real-time security management and crowd evacuation.

High-Altitude Reconnaissance: Covert high-altitude reconnaissance, tracking the movement of suspects, capturing details with high-magnification cameras, and identifying concealed targets with infrared technology.

In conclusion, the Falcon-UAV presents immense potential for the future, becoming an integral part of modern policing. It contributes significantly to maintaining social order and ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property.

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