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Draganfly Performs Environmental Monitoring in Infrastructure & Construction Industries

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Draganfly’s drone service team has successfully completed a challenging 24/7 monitoring mission for a major critical infrastructure construction project.

For a continuous 24/7 period over 33 days, the team conducted live, real-time monitoring with specialized sensors on a high-risk section of underground pipeline drilling, which required the drone services team to be active on-site and operating at all times. Utilizing specialized thermal imaging sensors, the mission was to monitor and identify emerging ground disturbances, gather and analyze data in real time, and promptly report the size and precise location of any disturbances to the client’s team, enabling them to respond and act quickly.

As a result of the Draganfly service team’s innovative technology implementation, they identified and reported disturbances that were then successfully mitigated. The operations crew minimized incidental, legal, and reputational costs while ensuring on-site safety for workers.

Draganfly specializes in providing drone-based inspection and surveying services across North America. Its innovative drone technologies and experienced pilots enable the collection and analysis of data in real time, providing clients with accurate and timely insights that reduce overall costs and offer an efficient alternative to traditional inspection and surveying methods.

“Crossing an environmentally sensitive area and drilling far beneath the surface, we hired Draganfly’s service team to fly a drone over the area utilizing specialized equipment and techniques including an infrared camera to monitor temperature changes on the surface as an early detection of drilling mud release. The entire process was completed with great results, which was achieved because of the detailed planning and professionalism we received from the team. The complexity of the planning that was needed in a short time frame was completed and executed on time, and that gave us the results we needed for a successful crossing,” said Wes Mossing, Survey Manager for the client.

“Through innovative drone technology and experience our team has helped establish a new use case, standard and process for 24/7 environmental monitoring in the critical infrastructure and construction industries,” commented Cameron Chell, CEO of Draganfly. “This represents a breakthrough in the construction industry’s expectations and capabilities to help mitigate risk, enhance safety and reduce costs utilizing real time actionable data from drones.”

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