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Case Study: Using Drone LiDAR for HealthCare & Emergency Services

Feature Article by LightWare LiDAR
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AVY with LightWare LiDARLightWare LiDAR has released a case study highlighting how the company’s SF20/C LiDAR sensor was integrated into AVY’s AERA fixed-wing VTOL drone to aid with delivering both essential and emergency health care products to remote communities in Botswana.

Read the full case study on the LightWare website>

The case study covers:

  • Why AVY chose to work with LightWare for its ‘drones for good’ initiative
  • Key benefits of the SF20/C LiDAR sensor, which is used to assist with precision take-off, landing, altimetry, height above ground monitoring and detect and avoid applications

To find out more about the SF20/C LiDAR sensor and the benefits it can provide for drone platforms operating in the medical and emergency services industries, read the full case study>

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