High Performance Electric Motors, ESCs, Generators & Starters for Unmanned Systems
MST Series of Drone Motor ESC Family of ESCs for high-performance Drones and UAVs
MST Series of Drone Motor ESC

Family of ESCs for high-performance Drones and UAVs

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MST Series of Drone Motor ESC

Plettenberg’s family of ESCs (named “MST”) and was specifically developed for high-performance unmanned system applications. The top models of our MST series can handle voltage of up to 400 V and current of up to 250 A. We tailor each MST to the specific application of our customers to achieve the best efficiency and endurance levels. The MST series is weight optimized and features a super robust design for application in harsh environments. The standard protection class is IP 53, with higher protection classes being possible upon request. The embedded software is fully written inhouse and can be tailored to the application requirements.

We highly recommend using our motors and ESCs as a combined system solution as oftentimes competing products lead to suboptimal use of our motors, which ruins the efficiency, weight and size advantages. This negatively affects operational reach and use time. In some cases, it may even destroy our motors.

Our engineering team will help you in designing the right ESC solution and support you in system integration, including ESC configuration, ideal power supply and thermal management. All our ESCs are developed and manufactured at our HQ in Germany and built by hand according to highest quality standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Rugged design for use in harsh environments
  • Standard protection class IP 53 (higher class possible)
  • Favorable power-to-weight ratio
  • Specifically designed for our high pole motor design
  • Combined with our motors, the highest system efficiency can be achieved