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Nicomatic Releases Rugged Optical Backplane Interconnects

Nicomatic has unveiled its rugged VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects, designed for harsh environments, supporting up to 24 optical channels per connector, and offering versions integrated with the PRIZM® MT ferrule for expanded beam technology By William Mackenzie / 24 Jun 2024
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Nicomatic has released its rugged VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects, a standard for optical backplane interconnects in the VPX (VITA 46) ecosystem.

Nicomatic Releases Rugged Optical Backplane Interconnects

The connector is designed to be rugged and reliable, withstanding the challenges of harsh environments.

It offers high performance with high-speed data rates, and its scalability allows it to support a wide range of optical connector types and configurations.

It also boasts high density, supporting up to 24 optical channels per connector (and 48 with 2 MT ferrules).

The VITA 66 standard is compatible with the VPX (VITA 65) standard, providing seamless integration with other VPX components. Nicomatic offers full support services for its VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects, including design assistance, manufacturing, and testing. 

Nicomatic’s VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Medical imaging
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial automation

Expanded Beam Technology

The 66.1 and 66.4 versions of the connector integrate the PRIZM® MT ferrule from US Conec, which is provided with expanded beam technology.

How it works
Each ferrule end is fitted with a lens. The first lens expands the signal, which is then recollimated by the second lens.

Key advantages

  • Increased durability: The connector parts do not contact each other, reducing mechanical stress from mating cycles.
  • Simplified maintenance: This design simplifies cleaning and maintenance, as it is less fragile than physical contact connectors. 
  • Reduced sensitivity: Its reduced sensitivity to dust can be attributed to the increased ruggedness of the lenses.
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