Heavy Lift UAV Completes Flight Test in Denmark

The FC100 heavy lift utility UAV from Flowcopter uses a lightweight hydraulic drive train to deliver a new class of aircraft, and is capable of moving 100kg of cargo for a 200 km round trip By William Mackenzie / 30 May 2024
Heavy Lift UAV Completes Flight Test in Denmark
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Flowcopter has successfully demonstrated its FC100 heavy lift utility UAV in outdoor flight trials at the UAS Denmark Test Center, Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense.

The FC100 was designed to meet a need for robust, heavy payload uncrewed platforms with greater endurance, in sectors that traditionally require helicopters. This includes search and rescue, remote/offshore logistics and humanitarian aid.

Flowcopter’s technology uses a lightweight hydraulic drive train, already proven in harsh environments, to deliver a new class of aircraft. Part of an initial production batch of three, Flowcopter believes that the FC100 answers the demand for greater utility in net zero-ready UAVs, with a headline capability of moving 100kg of cargo for a 200 km round trip.

The Flowcopter flight team based themselves at the Test Centre at Hans Christian Andersen Airport over the course of a week of flight testing. The airport is a leading location for the testing and development of drone technologies.

Flowcopter are planning to enter production soon, with the company already receiving interest in different vertical markets, including offshore wind farm operations, agriculture and urban air mobility (UAM).

Peter McCurry, Flowcopter Managing Director, stated; “I am delighted that we could showcase our FC100 to European customers and for the reception and resounding endorsement we received. We are confident in the robust performance of our uUAV and its application-rich utility. We have now moved our attention to expanding the production capacity at our manufacturing base.”

Technical Director at Flowcopter, Uwe Stein, commented; “We are returning home with our technical readiness tests completed and will be implementing a design freeze to share this model with several interested clients.”

Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Centre, added; “We are happy and proud that Flowcopter has chosen HCA Airport and UAS Denmark Test Centre as its European test base. It underlines that we can offer a strong combination of good test facilities and easy access to getting your drone in the air.”

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