AI-Powered Object Detection for C-UAS Revealed

Untether AI in partnership with J-Squared Technologies have released an AI-powered object detection solution for counter-drone detection for both commercial and military applications By Joe Macey / 09 Apr 2024
AI-Powered Object Detection Solution Revealed
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Untether AI and J-Squared Technologies unveiled an AI-powered object detection solution at the recent AUSA Global Force Exhibition in Huntsville, AL. 

The technology combines Untether AI’s tsunAImi® tsn200 inference accelerator card within J-Squared Technologies rugged Vanguard 2U rackmount server, showcasing counter-drone detection for both commercial applications and defense sectors.

This partnership demonstrates both companies’ commitment to deploying AI compute and operational efficiency in high-reliability applications.

This joint computer application features an optimized “you-only-look-once” (YOLO) neural network trained by J-Squared Technologies for counter-drone detection, running in their ruggedized hardware.

“J-Squared Technologies is proud to partner with Untether AI to deliver a solution that meets the rigorous demands of both defense and commercial applications,” said Andrew Woollard, Chief Technical Officer at J-Squared Technologies.

“Our SWAP-C optimized systems designed to withstand harsh environments combined with Untether AI’s energy efficient AI acceleration, provide unmatched operational durability, computational capabilities, and AI performance per Watt.”

“Our collaboration with J-Squared Technologies marks a significant milestone in the deployment of AI technologies in the field of defense and commercial airspace safety,” said Bob Beachler, Vice President of Product at Untether AI.

“By combining our energy efficient AI acceleration technology with J-Squared Technologies, we’re not only enhancing counter-drone capabilities but also setting the benchmark for high-reliability AI deployment at the tactical edge.”

The AI-enabled demonstration detects, and tracks unmanned aerial threats through advanced machine learning algorithms, offering a robust detection against increasing drone-related security challenges.

This application extends beyond military use, providing commercial airports and critical infrastructure with a state-of-the-art tool to ensure airspace security and public safety.

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