Landing Zones Unveils Drone Training Device

The Drone Bomblet Pyrotechnic (DBP) is expected to set a new standard for safety-assured, cutting-edge threat realistic training tools for the worldwide military training and simulation industry By Joe Macey / 30 Nov 2023
Landing Zones Canada Launches Drone Training Device
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Landing Zones Canada Inc. has introduced the world’s first drone-launched training bomblet pyrotechnic, a cutting-edge innovation developed to fully replicate the drone threats encountered on today’s battlefields.

Threat Replication Excellence

This development, called the Drone Bomblet Pyrotechnic© (DBP), underlines the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement in the training and simulation fields. 

The training pyrotechnic is designed to safely emulate the ubiquitous threat posed by drones dropping ordnance on today’s battlefields. The DBP has an ignition system that is activated upon impact with the ground after the unit is dropped from a drone. Upon ignition, the device produces a short (2.5-5 second) whistle with decreasing frequency following immediately by a loud report or simulated explosion. The whistle provides personnel with an opportunity to look away/clear the area before the ignition of the report composition.

Spencer Fraser, Founder and CEO of Landing Zones, said; “We are all now seeing a variety of grenades, mortar rounds, RPG warheads, as well as a myriad of other explosives, being routinely dropped from drones to significant tactical effect… It is understood that there is an urgent operational requirement to train against this ubiquitous threat.” 

Fraser added; “In keeping with the mantra of train as you will fight, we have successfully developed a highly threat representative training solution for wide scale adoption.”

Safety is Top Priority

Fraser emphasized the importance of safety in this venture. As the architect behind the battlefield training product, Fraser highlights the extensive human factors research that was undertaken to ensure that safety remained at the forefront of every aspect of the development of the world’s first drone-launched training pyrotechnic.

“As any senior military leader will tell you, all live training systems have to be inherently safe,” he said.

Shaping the Future of Training

The DBP not only represents a major step forward in replicating contemporary battlefield threats but also showcases Landing Zones’ commitment to reshaping the landscape of training methodologies. Fraser believes that this product will “set a new standard for safety-assured, cutting-edge threat realistic training tools for the worldwide military training and simulation industry.”

While the DBP is platform agnostic, Landing Zones is already working with several leading European and North American OEMs and is welcoming other collaborations.

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