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ELWAVE Deploys Subsea Electromagnetic Sensor

ELWAVE’s CEDAR Technology is the company’s patented biomimetics active electrics technology, and will be deployed in the company’s new active electrics sensor Octopulse By Abi Wylie / 27 Oct 2023
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ELWAVE has deployed its new active electrics sensor Octopulse for an UXO survey on EFGL (Eoliennes Flottantes du Golfe du Lion) floating offshore wind farm site. 

This survey has been carried out with ELWAVE’s Octopulse sensor based on its patented CEDAR® (Controlled Electric Detection And Ranging) technology providing accurate and high-sensitivity electrical impedance cartography of the area surrounding the wind farm.

ELWAVE’s contract includes the integration of its sensor onboard an observation-class ROV, as well as data acquisition, analysis and mapping of electrical anomalies. 

The success of the mission will contribute to de-risking the installation of the EFGL floating offshore wind turbines due to be installed in 2024.

ELWAVE’s CEDAR Technology is the company’s patented biomimetics active electrics technology. It replicates the “active electro-location” perception mode used by some tropical fishes living in turbid and cluttered waters in Africa and South America. 

In this complex environment, vision and the acoustic perception are inefficient. Natural evolution has led these fish to develop this dedicated perception mode. By perceiving the variations in the electric field that they generate, they obtain an “electric image” of their environment that allows them to avoid obstacles, evade predators and catch prey. 

CEDAR technology is embedded into the compact OCTOPULSE sensor for the detection and characterization (size, shape, electric nature) of any metallic or non-metallic objects (mines, UXO, pipelines, cables) lying on the seabed or buried in the sediment.

Mr. Pierre Tuffigo, ELWAVE’s Chief Executive Officer, stated; “We are very proud to have successfully completed this first survey with our world-class electromagnetics Octopulse sensor for this important renewable energy project. EFGL stakeholders are very satisfied with the results and the reliability of the sensor during the survey. 

“The campaign has validated the effectiveness of our technology for marine UXO surveys and seabed mapping and we are very much looking forward to the ongoing commercial deployment of our Octopulse sensor.”

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