New eBee Drone Provides Enhanced Situational Awareness for ISR Missions

Scheduled for global commercial release in 2023, AgEagle’s eBee VISION delivers high resolution, medium-range video imagery made possible by its 32x zoom and powerful thermal observation capabilities By Caroline Rees / 16 Dec 2022
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AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. has released the eBee VISION, a small, fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) designed to provide real-time, enhanced situational awareness for critical Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

The eBee VISION is AgEagle’s latest innovation in automatic robotics and joins the company’s line of proven, high performance eBee photogrammetry solutions. 

Scheduled for global commercial release in 2023, the eBee VISION delivers high resolution, medium-range video imagery made possible by its 32x zoom and powerful thermal observation capabilities. Its sensor payloads are capable of detecting, tracking and geo-locating objects in both day and night conditions. Offering up to 90 minutes of flight time and the same ease-of-use as AgEagle’s eBee line of drones, the eBee VISION can be deployed and operated by a single person.

“We expect that our new ISR UAS will offer a great benefit to many industries and government agencies,” said Barrett Mooney, Chairman and CEO of AgEagle. “The eBee VISION has been tailor-made to support the rapid collection of data related to the status of critical infrastructure and assets in the field. We believe this product will have a great impact on those engaged in first response, public safety, infrastructure surveillance, military and defense – for which, time is vital in critical decision-making.”

Designed, developed and manufactured by AgEagle’s research and development team in Switzerland, the eBee VISION is NDAA compliant, weighs less than 3.5 pounds/1.6 kilograms and can be carried in a backpack.

In December 2022, eBee VISION prototypes were successfully tested by European Armed Forces. According to an official from a UAV experimentation unit of a European military force present at the testing, “eBee VISION specifications fill the gap between low endurance quadcopters and large military fixed-wing drones. The small size, lightweight, ease-of-use, autonomy, range and sensor capabilities make it a promising drone for tactical ISR missions.”

As a result of the tests, European militaries have ordered multiple eBee VISION prototypes, with delivery expected in early 2023. Commercial production of eBee VISION is planned for worldwide availability in mid-2023. Additional demonstrations with other military forces in the United States and NATO countries are being scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

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