Seafloor Systems to Demonstrate Uncrewed Survey Vessel

By Mike Ball / 04 Feb 2022
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Seafloor Systems EchoBoat-240 USV

Seafloor Systems has confirmed that the company will be demonstrating its latest USV (uncrewed surface vessel) dockside at the upcoming Oceanology International event in London. The EchoBoat-240 is a 2.5m / 8ft remotely-operated survey vessel that is designed for confined or shallow bodies of water where traditional survey methods are not suitable.

The EchoBoat-240 allows for remote-controlled or semi-autonomous navigation of waterways, and integrates high-resolution multibeam sonar equipment in a compact package. Its moonpool allows for flexible installation of multibeam systems from leading brands in the industry.

While a survey is underway, the vessel can be monitored within line-of-sight, with over-the- horizon monitoring possible when running additional hardware. All survey data is stored on an onboard PC. Full equipment control and data acquisition is accomplished with a remote data link.

Switching from autonomous to remote control on the USV is accomplished using a long range remote control unit (RCU) that offers up to 2km range, with a survey endurance of up to 8 hours on a single charge. For professional hydrographic survey requirements, the EchoBoat-240 may be tailored to customer needs.

The USV can be delivered ready to accept existing equipment provided by the user, or with a selected sensor payload pre-installed. Customized cabling can also be included, allowing the boat to accept existing GPS, GNSS and RTK positioning systems.

For a turnkey survey-grade system, the EchoBoat-240 can be outfitted with singlebeam, multibeam, and side scan sonar systems. The EchoBoat-240 is compatible with various hydrographic software packages, including Hypack, PDS2000, EIVA and QINSy.

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