Collision Avoidance Assistance for Seafloor Systems USVs

By Mike Ball / 09 Dec 2021
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Seafloor Systems USVs

Seafloor Systems has launched a new Collision Avoidance Assist (CAA) package for the company’s range of USVs (unmanned surface vessels). The system includes an onboard computer and LiDAR scanner that allows vessels to navigate around both stationary and moving objects. The 360-degree point cloud system detects and tracks objects in real time within a standard 25m radius. The introductory-level solution reduces human navigation errors, increases data acquisition efficiency, and protects survey instruments during missions.

The CAA system has been designed to be modular, which will allow future software iterations and instruments to be added depending on the desired level of function. According to Seafloor Systems, there is currently no other low-cost collision avoidance package on the market that can be mounted into mid-sized unmanned vessels such as the EchoBoat-160 and EchoBoat-240.

Highlights of the new CAA system include:

  • Integrated into Seafloor Systems’ AutoNav autopilot system, only basic knowledge of mission planning needed and no additional control software required
  • Can be integrated into alternative control systems
  • Leverages LiDAR point cloud clustering to gain a true representation of the environment, with a dense 3D depth map
  • Global cloud integrated software distribution platform allowing for Over-The-Air updates of core software and machine learning elements
  • Adjustable avoidance reaction distance – 25m standard, 50m available with alternate higher-density LiDAR
  • Powerful NVIDIA computer with integrated GPU handles processing
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