Long-Life Servo Features Dedicated UAV Communication Protocol

By Mike Ball / 21 Jul 2021
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Futaba UAV servoFutaba has released a new servo actuator specifically designed to meet the needs of the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and unmanned systems market. The BLA21-06U-A01 is compatible with UAVCAN, a CAN bus protocol specifically designed for drones. UAVCAN allows angle, speed and torque to be set via commands, and for internal temperature, revolution, error flags and other parameters to be read from the servo.

The long-life BLA21-06U-A01 features a MTTF (mean time to failure) of more than a thousand hours, thanks to highly durable gears and eight ball bearings that guarantee long-lasting smooth revolution. The integration of a brushless motor and a magnetic encoder improves impact resistance and lifetime. The operating temperature range has been extended to -40°C – 80°C due to the optimized case design and improved heat dissipation. The unit’s IP67 rating makes it suitable for operation under harsh conditions.

Other features and advantages of Futaba’s industrial-grade servos include:

  • RS485 and PWM communications
  • 7 years of product continuation guaranteed
  • Customization of hardware, firmware and software available (e.g. overload protection)
  • Technical consultation with Futaba Europe in Germany and R&D in Japan
  • Full traceability record
  • Failure analysis in case of irregular behaviour
  • Availability of product specification
  • Specific reliability test execution by Futaba

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